Digital LCD E-writer tablet notepad

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Change the way you express your imagination

Introducing LCD Writing Tablet:

  • Save paper and money with this smart electronic board.
  • Allows you to write, draw, doddle and erase easily
  • Better then whiteboard or chalkboard and experience dust free and chemical free writing.
  • New design with 50% brighter luminosity.
  • Made with LCD pressure sensing technology, ultra-bright and ultra-light, just like writing with pen on paper
  • Natural light LCD, now no more strain to your eyes.


  • 8.5 Inches tablet with the stylus.
  • Lightweight (120 gm) and easy to carry.
  • One doodle pad can write more than 100,000 times without charge and connection. 



1. Do we have to charge it?

- No. It runs on a battery & battery lifetime is pretty high. Based on usage it might last up to a year or so.

2. Can the battery be replaced?

- Yes. The battery can be easily replaced.

 3. What is included in the package?

-  1 LCD writing tablet, 1 writing stylus pen, 1 battery inside e-writer.