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Photo Clip LED String Lights(16-Warm White)

Photo Clip LED String Lights(16-Warm White)

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Turn On Your Heartlight!

This Christmas decorate your home a little differently. Gone are the days of the same old boring LED lights, we present these unique lights with heart clips. The light can be used to clip a string of pictures to give a different feel to the decorations. Want to showcase those adorable pics of your kitties you clicked? Or want to show your love to someone special in a unique way? This is the perfect way to do it. Gift the lights to a near one with all the shared memories of you clipped to it or decorate a room especially for them. Rest assured: these lights are safe, energy-efficient, and easy to use. So with these heart-clipping LED lights, you can create beautiful memories and adorn your home with a unique look that's sure to be a conversation starter.

  • 16 LED lights with clips
  • A unique way to showcase your loving memories
  • Perfect for Christmas and New year decoration
  • Share your memories with guests in a different way
  • 16 heart clips
  • Plug-in to light up
  • Length: approx 3m

Weight: 100g

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