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Microfiber Feather Duster Bendable & Extendable Fan Cleaning Duster | Washable Duster for High Ceiling Fans, Window Blinds, Furniture

Microfiber Feather Duster Bendable & Extendable Fan Cleaning Duster | Washable Duster for High Ceiling Fans, Window Blinds, Furniture

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Revolutionize Your Cleaning with DusterPro

Are you tired of the constant battle against dust in hard-to-reach places? Bid farewell to the struggle and welcome the efficiency of our Extendable Duster!

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Why Choose DusterPro?

✨ Perfect for Cleaning: Simplify your festival preparations by effortlessly cleaning fans, lights, and decorations with DusterPro.
🧹 Versatile Cleaning: Reach high ceilings, narrow crevices, and tight spaces with ease.
🌿 Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafted with care, DusterPro is environmentally friendly, ensuring a sustainable clean.
🌟 Efficiency Redefined:  Achieve more in less time, leaving your home sparkling clean and ready to shine during Diwali.
🤩 Durable & Reusable: Designed to last, DusterPro is the gift that keeps on giving, season after season.

Long Handle For High Reach:

Effortlessly clean high places with our ceiling fan duster featuring a long handle. The extendable pole reaches up to 100 inches, ideal for cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other high surfaces.

Bendable Head:

The sturdy and bendable long broomstick for ceiling cleaning can be angled up to 90°, allowing you to clean various angles and hard-to-reach areas. The unique Soft Rubber Tip ensures gentle yet effective dust removal.

Washable & Detachable Microfiber Head:

Our microfiber ceiling duster is made of premium material that traps and locks in dust. When it's time to clean, simply detach the microfiber head and hand wash it with warm water. The head is designed for easy cleaning.

Storage-Friendly Design:

Hang the extending rod in your closet or storage room using the built-in hanging hole. The space-saving design ensures the ceiling mop won't take up much space.

Versatile Cleaning Tool:

Ideal for cleaning high surfaces, including ceiling fans, light fixtures, and air conditioning vents. A must-have for any household cleaning kit.

The microfiber duster is easy to clean. Detach the microfiber head, wash it with warm or low-heat water, and it's ready for use again.

Its soft and gentle bristles won't scratch or damage delicate surfaces, making it perfect for use on everything from furniture to electronics. Elevate your cleaning experience with DusterPro!

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