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Multifunctional Work Portable LED Flashlight

Multifunctional Work Portable LED Flashlight

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HIGH POWER LED FLASH LIGHT Rechargeable Flashlight, Long-lasting, Power bank

🔦 Rugged Durability: Crafted from military-grade aluminum alloy, this pocket-sized flashlight can withstand tough conditions – drops, vehicle runs, and freezing temperatures.

🌟 Blinding Brightness: Torch outshines ordinary flashlights by 15 times, reaching up to 657 feet with its impressive 9000 high lumens.

🔋 Extended Runtime: With the 3.7V rechargeable battery, enjoy over 10 hours of runtime on the low setting.

🔌 Power Bank Functionality: In emergencies, use Torch to charge your mobile phone via USB, harnessing its high-efficiency power.

💡 Versatile Lighting: Transform Torch into a desk lamp with its COB white light and magnetized lamp head, while the lithium battery doubles as a power bank.

Multifunctional Work Portable LED Flashlight

🔍 Adjustable Focus: Zoom in for a spotlight or out for a wide beam with the head-pulling zoom feature.

Multifunctional Work Portable LED Flashlight

🚨 Versatile Emergency Tool: Equipped with a cutter for breaking windows and cutting seat belts during emergencies.

Why Opt for NINJADEALS LED Flashlights?

💡 Incredible Illumination: With a robust 6,000 Lumens, Ninjadeals ensures powerful lighting.

🌟 COB Sidelight Activation: Swiftly activate the COB sidelight with a double-click, adding versatility to your illumination options.

🔘 One-Key Turn-Off: Instantly turn off the flashlight at any mode for convenience.

🔌 USB Rechargeable Convenience:Easily charge via any USB device with the included USB cable.

🔋 Flashlight Power Bank Functionality: Use the USB ports to charge your devices on the go.

💧 Long-Lasting Performance: Enjoy 4-10 hours of runtime with reliable waterproofing.

🔁 Switch Operation: Toggle between 3 modes with easy switch operation.

🏷️ QUALITY PRODUCT: Rest assured, our products are as advertised – high quality and tested by our team.

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