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Portable Air Duster Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Portable Air Duster Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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Eliminate Dust and Grime Easily with Our Lightweight and Powerful AirJet Ultra Wireless Vacuum Cleaner - Professional Cleaning Results.


Lightweight & Powerful Operation

  • Compact Design: Portable and lightweight, weighing only 400g, for easy handling.
  • Super Power Motor: 120W motor provides robust suction up to 6000pa for efficient cleaning.

  • Cordless Convenience: USB rechargeable with cordless design, allowing mobility for versatile cleaning.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum: Versatile functionality for both wet and dry vacuuming needs.
  • Multiple Cleaning Heads: Various cleaning heads enable reaching every nook and cranny for a thorough clean.

Clean with power and precision using our Lightweight and powerful AirJet Ultra Cordless Vacuum—designed for efficiency and convenience.


  • Dual-Functionality: Blowing and suction capabilities for comprehensive cleaning.
  • Detachable Accessories: Four accessories cover all areas, ensuring no corner is left uncleaned.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both home and car cleaning, adapting to various scenarios.

  • Vacuum Compressor Feature: Prevent spoilage and bacteria with the vacuum compressor functionality.
  • Enhanced Edition Exclusive: Enjoy the added benefits of enhanced power and functionality.

Unleash the power of AIR BLOWER & VACUUM CLEANER in one—the ultimate handheld cleaning solution for a spotless car and home.

USB Rechargeable - CORDLESS

  • Cordless Freedom: Move effortlessly anywhere without the constraint of cords.
  • Versatile Cleaning Heads: Attachments for various surfaces, from car interiors to home blind spots.
  • Visualized Dust Bucket: Monitor dust levels and easily clean with a washable filter for lifelong use.

  • Portable & Versatile: Clean car seats, dashboards, air vents, and home gaps with ease.
  • Compact & Lightweight: Weighing only 400g, it's the perfect companion for quick and efficient cleaning.

Experience true cordless freedom with our USB Rechargeable AirJet Ultra Cordless Vacuum—cleaning made convenient and hassle-free.

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