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Mosquito Killer Machine trap lamp

Mosquito Killer Machine trap lamp

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It's a powerful and portable Bug Light Zapper. The perfect electronic bug zapper can easily clear up mosquitoes, flies and gnats. With this high voltage electric bug zapper, no annoying bugs. This bug killer lamp is designed for maximum efficiency and convenience. 


It features a high voltage electric power source to effectively eliminate mosquitoes, flies, and gnats, while its lightweight portability ensures it can be used almost anywhere. With this bug zapper, you'll be able to enjoy a bug-free space with no annoyance.


Safe for all : It traps mosquitoes, fruit fly, bug, gnat physically. This machine effectively captures a range of pests without any harsh or dangerous chemicals, making it a safe and effective pest control solution for all.

Powerful suction: the suction power of the updated vortex fan is 2 times stronger than that of the ordinary fan This updated machine is capable of creating a powerful and efficient suction, with a vacuum strength twice as strong as regular fans.


Widespread Attracting Light: The high-power purple light has stronger light penetration and farther, which can attract more mosquitoes. This device uses ultraviolet light to draw in a greater number of pests over a wider range than conventional products, providing improved effectiveness.


Easy to Operate: Just one press than you can get it work. A simple press of a button offers an effortless experience, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Easy Carrying: with a detachable carry handle that you can take it anywhere you like. A convenient carry handle makes it easy to transport this trap lamp, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


Quiet: It is low noised when working so you and your love ones can have a good sleep with it. It operates with minimal sound, ensuring a peaceful rest for you and your family.


360 degree Air duct: any musquito will be caught This advanced airflow technology ensures that no mosquito is left undetected, offering complete, comprehensive coverage.


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