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You And Me Writing Lamp

You And Me Writing Lamp

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🌈 Illuminate Your Ideas:
Let's make thoughts brighter! Spontaneous ideas are unique, and when they flow into scribbles, they become remarkable. If you know someone who loves expressing themselves through scribbling, the 3D Acrylic LED Message Board is the perfect surprise for them. With its acrylic panel, warm light, and luminous colors, it brings a different vibe to every creative venture.

🎁 A Surprise for Scribblers:
Gift your scribble-freak friend a delightful surprise with the 3D Acrylic LED Message Board. The plain acrylic panel, accompanied by warm yellow light and 12 shades of markers, provides the perfect canvas for unleashing creativity. Watch as your friend lights up their writing ventures with this unique and thoughtful gift.

🌟 Key Features:
- Plain Acrylic Panel:A clear canvas for creativity.
- Base Lighting: The lamp base lights up, adding an extra layer of charm.
- Warm Yellow Light:Creates a cozy ambiance for creative moments.
- 12 Shades of Marker:Choose from a variety of colors to make thoughts pop.
- Multiple Variants: Available in different sizes to suit every creative space.
- USB Cable Attachment:Conveniently powered with a USB cable.
- Panel Stand: Comes with a stand for easy display.
- Cleaning Essentials: Includes a cleaning cloth and sanitizing spray for a super clean panel.
- Easy-to-Erase Marker: Effortlessly wipe away thoughts to start anew.
- Scribble-Friendly Gift: A cute and thoughtful gift for your scribble enthusiast friend.

📏 Size Options:
- Small: 15 x 15cm
- Medium: 20 x 20cm
- Large: 30 x 20cm

🌟 Usage Note:
For a super clean panel, use 2-3 drops of sanitizing spray and clean with the provided cloth. The easy-to-erase marker ensures endless creative possibilities. If considering a return, please do so before using the product.

🎨 Light Up Their Creativity - Order the 3D Acrylic LED Message Board Now!🌈📝
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